men  with  sticks


Men with Sticks is a movement and exercise course designed to create health, strength and integrity in individual men, their relationships with other living beings, their communities, the world community, the whole living planet. The idea is not just to act locally and think globally but to also act globally with intention, visualization and energy while doing the individual exercises. Positive energy is created and expressed energetically through these exercises and spreads throughout the universe.

Men with Sticks is a course providing tools for men to communicate and relate in partners, small groups and larger gatherings in an energetic, peaceful, forceful and fun loving way.

Men with Sticks provides games, sport, and challenges that require strength, skill and ingenuity while providing great fun and excitement.

Men with Sticks provides a way to demonstrate to the community, the country one resides in and the entire Earth that integrated, whole, men can be strong, beautiful, worthy and wise while appearing fierce, zany or exquisite.

Men with Sticks looks like a martial art, and uses many of the same principles yet it is a peaceful, healing art - the one defining  condition of membership is “do no harm”.  If any man uses the stick to do harm in any way to a person, place or thing, they are by definition not a member of Men with Sticks.  Otherwise all men of all ages are invited to join.

Men with Sticks provides a forum for boys, young men, mature men and elders to all join in together and support each other in their common goal of increasing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impeccability individually and collectively.

Men with Sticks is accessible to any man at any time. Just pick up a stick and move. A broomstick can work for starters. A 4' closet dowel is nice. Bamboo works. A carefully selected straight limb or branch that is painted or carved can become a special staff. In a pinch stretch out a belt or towel or something and pretend it's a stick. Imagination is an integral part of men with sticks.

Men with Sticks can be practiced in private and still connect in spirit with all other men on the planet doing the same work every day making their bodies, relationships and communities well.  Men can meet in pairs and groups and expand the movement and activities through cooperation, communication and coming together in playful, peaceful, movement,  exercises and games.
Any man in the Portland Oregon area can meet us on the top of Mount Tabor on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. to join in. If its raining, go down the hill a bit to the covered picnic shelter across from the kids' playground. In real cold weather we'll go inside to a covered space somewhere or just meet in small groups or partners at home. Lots can be done indoors, but its more fun outdoors win larger groups. Call Mark if there are any questions. 503-231-6577. Also you can e-mail